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Benefits and Features

  • Saves you money by preventing premature rusting of gutters.
  • The only system available that effectively protects your gutters and valleys from leaves twigs and gumnuts.
  • Fits to all profiles of tile and metal roofing.
  • Overcomes the necessity of climbing dangerous ladders and steep roofs.
  • No more regular payments for gutter cleaning.
  • One less chore to do - frees up your personal time.
  • Protects from the hazards of bushfires.
  • Allows the collection of cleaner potable water.
  • Available in a range of colours to blend in with your roof.
  • Is supported by written guarantee giving you peace of mind.
  • Enhances the value of your house.




15 year warranty

Bushfire zone certified by CSIRO



The cleaning of gutters and downpipes is a slow and tedious chore that, for many of us, is a constant problem around the home. If left unattended, downpipes become choked and can create overflow problems leading to damage in the homes structure. The task has its share of risks as well. Climbing a rickety ladder or clambering over steep and slippery roof surfaces is a highly dangerous exercise, best avoided!


There have been many products available in the past which have claimed to stop leaves and twigs from entering your gutter. They have all worked to some extent but ultimately, someone has had to climb up a ladder and onto the roof to clear gutters and valleys that eventually block up.


Leafscreener is a gutter and valley protection system especially designed to prevent leaves, twigs and gumnuts from entering the drainage system of your home. It has now been on the market for over ten years. During that time, residential homes and commercial buildings all over Australia have realised itsí benefits as the drainage system on the roofs of these places has been fully protected.


Our system not only seals your gutters and downpipes, it also covers and seals your valleys! This system is the only one that has come onto the market which protects the whole drainage system on your roof. The product also comes with a guarantee which substantiates our claims.







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